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01/25/2009 01:05

Pacific Batten Tensioning Device

The Chinook Repair Tape 4in X 20 in

This F2 mastfoot pin fits 1985 F2 boards with adjustable mast tracks.

Chinook Double Sail Pulleys include solid brass bushings for reducing friction for on-the-fly outhaul systems.

The Chinook Aluminum Downhaul 1 Handle

6mm metric

The Chinook Base Cup Kit w/ Clip S Bolt

Pacific 03/04 Batten Tensioner Screws… yep.

All new design features oversized grips for maximum power while up-hauling. Internal bungy system holds tight to the mast. 52" (132cm)

The Chinook Uphaul is a lightweight and strong, webbing and bungee style uphaul.

The Allgaier 62cm Universal Windsurf Centerboard is exactly what you need if you have an older board but lost your centerboard. As good as it gets for replacement parts when dealing with Kleper or Sailboard to name a few. Made of solid polyurethane, this dagger can be reshaped to match your existing set up.

6mm metric

Epoxy surf board repair sticks let you knead up a piece, plug the hole and go sailing. For on the spot repairs, wet or dry

RE-DEK is a clear, non-yellowing and permanent traction system for non-skid surfaces. Just roll on the deck of your board, let dry, and you've got a long lasting mega-traction surface. Includes roller.

The Deviator Board Protector. When it comes to getting slammed, it's not a matter of it, it's the matter of when. Key Features of The Deviator Board Protector: Stops the mast or boom from damaging the nose area of your board Has been redesigned to initiate earlier deflection, which increases effectiveness Weighs only 6 ounces Prevents costly board repairs

New from the inventor of Easy-Uphaul, comes the Waterstarter float. It's simply the easiest, best way to learn to waterstart. By floating the clew, it allows you to simply hold onto the mast, and the wind automatically positions the board and rig in the perfect waterstart position. Since every waterstart is the same and every waterstart is effortless, you learn quickly. Benefits people who are ... more info.

8mm Locknut

Tubular webbing design makes up-hauling easier. Key Features of The Dakine Uphaul: Internal Bungy System Holds Tight to The Mast Size: 52" [132cm] Length

6mm metric

Tubular webbing design makes up-hauling easier. Internal bungy system holds tight to the mast. 52" (132cm)

Chinook Triple Windsurfing Sail Pulley works great for mast/tack grommets to facilitate downhauling. Easy to install.

6mm metric

Hex Bolt - 8 by 40mm

Brass T-Nut 8mm

Quick thumb activated connect and disconnect makes the Kingpin a must have. Horizontal pull and direct connection to the harness keeps the spreader bar form riding up. Overbuilt for undeniable strength. Key Features of The Dakine Kingpin Windsurf Spreader Bar: Quick Connect and Disconnect Horizontal Pull Keeps the Bar Down Over Built for Undeniable Strength Compatible with all 2008 Dakine Power ... more info.

The House Logo Split Sailboard Rack Pads. New 24" width.

6mm metric

The Kerma browning mast base pin fits most 1985-1990 Kerma and Vinta sailboards.

Hex Bolt - 8 by 40mm

The Kainui is Dakine's best all condition leash. Key Features of the Dakine Kainui Surfboard Leash: Precision molded fittings Maximum strength urethane cord Double brass swivels Quick release 2" cuffs Available in 6', 7', 8', and 9' lengths Triple wrap rail saver

The Chinook Rubber Uj With Strap Kit

6mm metric

Never struggle to rig a sail again. With this new tool you can effortlessly downhaul your sail to any tension desired. Be careful not to over downhaul.


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